Small homes face unique challenges when it comes to adding square footage for more livable space. The truth is that small spaces have endless opportunities when it comes to upgrading your home.

There are plenty of small home addition ideas and space-expanding designs that you can implement to improve mobility issues and the overall comfort of your home. According to HomeGuide, an average room addition costs between $86 to $208 per square foot depending on the materials, labor, location, and size.

Choosing the right upgrades and home additions can help you make the best investments into your property that will provide value for a lifetime. Below are five room addition ideas for small homes.

Renovate An Existing Space

Is your small home equipped with a basement or an attic? Renovating an existing area in your small home is one of the most economical and popular choices. Instead of using the area for storage or leaving it unused, consider converting it into a livable area that matches the comfort of the rest of your home.

Too many homes suffer from a lack of bedrooms, and the attic and basement can be a good place to start. An attic or basement remodel offers great potential to convert into a fully independent living area or even a creative home office. There are also multiple ways and ideas to renovate a small home to maximize its space.

Transform Your Garage

Another cost-effective method to add square footage and extra space is exploring a remodel of your attached garage. The garage is another space within most homes that tends to get ignored.

While this space is generally used to store vehicles and other miscellaneous possessions, it can be easily transformed into an additional living space. An attached garage can be converted into a gym, office, or even an extra bedroom.

This additional living space can also be rented out to tenants, essentially making the space an asset and providing homeowners with rental income. Renting out this additional unit will come with its own city requirements to comply with depending upon your location.

Whether you plan to rent it out or just use the additional room for yourself, this is generally a great space to take advantage of. Even if you still wanted to use the garage for your vehicle, you could still consider building an addition above the garage to take advantage of the space.

unfinished basement

Building Up

Since many home lots are small, the building footprint of their home can be limited without enough room on the sides for expansion. Instead of worrying about how much space surrounds your home, consider the option of building up and creating a second story.

Building up can be a less expensive option depending on the scope of the project because it generally requires less material and labor. It will also save critical yard space and you won’t have to worry about zoning restrictions considering your not expanding the footprint of your house.

A second story will add a considerable amount of square footage, allowing you to include a new master bedroom, master bathroom, or whichever amenities you desire. Since the building’s envelope will be much smaller than if you were to extend out, the utility systems and energy consumption will generally be cheaper.

Bump Outs

Bump-outs are generally one of the most economical and go-to options for room addition ideas for small homes. This option increases the square footage of your home without the cost and complexities of adding a whole new room.

A bump out is considered a minor or micro addition, as they are intended to expand an existing room in the house. Bump-out additions can be as small as 2 feet or extend out to as large as 15 feet.

Some bump-out ideas for small house additions could be turning a half bathroom into a full, creating a dining area in your existing kitchen, or more lounging space for your family room or living room. These types of additions do not consume a lot of space, they offer the immediate benefit of additional room and appear as if they were always there once the work is finished.

Bump-outs may seem like a small addition, but they really have a big impact. They are also very affordable and can fit almost anywhere. If you’re concerned about your budget or having enough space, this could be the best option.

Building A Mudroom

A mudroom serves as a space near the entrance to store coats, shoes, bags, and other amenities that you generally need to grab on the way out of your house. It’s a bridge between the outdoors and the inside of your house.

This type of room can be built around the front or back entrance and could be created by enclosing a part of your porch. It can include storage and cabinetry as its purpose is to keep the rest of the house clean and tidy.

Consider These Room Addition Ideas for Small Homes

These room addition ideas for small homes listed are the best options to add additional square footage or conserve space without breaking the bank. Keep in mind that you will have to meet building codes and regulations with your community, as well as zoning laws. Permits will generally be required for any electrical, plumbing, or mechanical work. Make sure to consult an architect or room addition contractor to assess your property and ensure the structural changes and capabilities.