Build Method Construction is proud to have created a reputation as the preferred choice for remodeling and general contractors across the beautiful city of Santa Monica. This Californian city is far different from so many other cities and neighborhoods that we service, largely because of the high number of rentals here. 

Compared with so many other areas in Los Angeles, just 28% of Santa Monica’s residents own the property they live in. The culture here is also vastly different from the likes of Thousand Oaks or Encino, with a much younger, liberal demographic. Those who come to rent in Santa Monica arrive for the beach life, the diversity of the city, and the urban paradise that it presents. 

In spite of a young, more hip group of residents, Santa Monica still offers a wonderful location for young families and senior citizens. With low crime rates, high-quality public schools, and a relaxed way of life, there is something here for all kinds of residents. Owing to the high volume of rental properties here, contractors like us have plenty of clients in the Santa Monica area. As renters come and go, modernizations are needed in order to provide the right kind of property for the rental market. 

Those who own investment properties often live in some of the nation’s bigger cities and hope to retire or cash in on their properties later on down the line. The average household income here is just under $100k, and the median property price comes in at just under $1,500,000. The average price per month rental is $2,055 here in Santa Monica. A beautiful place to live that very much offers a California lifestyle.

New Construction Santa Monica

A new home in Santa Monica is now within your reach. Build Method Construction has made a professional, high-quality new construction available and affordable to all intending homeowners in Santa Monica. Plus, we offer affordable financing options, a guarantee, and a warranty on all our parts and labor. Which is

Bathroom Remodeling Santa Monica

Your bathroom is one of the most essential places in the home, right next to the kitchen and your bedroom. It is among the most used and most ignored. Isn’t that ironic. Most homeowners pay less attention to their bathrooms. Luckily, if you are reading this and in need of

Kitchen Remodeling Santa Monica

Call us now 818.900.9626 For a Free Consultation Get a Free Quote There are many benefits to improving your home with a kitchen remodeling Santa Monica Project. The best of which includes, increasing your home’s value, multiplying your kitchen’s functionality, prolonging durability, and creating a kitchen you will love. Build