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Build Method Construction is recognized for its larger-than-life structures in the greater Los Angeles area and for good reason. Building room additions are a great way to add new possibilities to your existing house, by increasing your home’s square footage and valuable living space.

Our home remodeling services create opportunities for you as a homeowner. With Build Method Construction, your room addition will be optimized to satisfy your needs and add value to your Los Angeles home.

Los Angeles Room Addition Services

Wherever you are in the greater part of Los Angeles, you can now access professional and reliable general contractors to execute your room addition project. All members of our staff are trained and experienced professionals who bring value to every aspect of the project.

Once you hire Build Method Construction, we will put our heads together to make your new addition the best in Los Angeles, CA. We specialize in creating room additions that not only stand out as inspirational pieces, but are beautiful, functional, affordable, and durable. And with you, it will be no different.

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Trusted Room Addition Contractors In Los Angeles

Once you consult with us to get your ideas down, we work towards interpreting and translating those ideas into the best version of smart room additions.

We will create a 3D model that delineates exactly the kind of room addition you will get. This model will show you all the structural and architectural changes that would be made and upgraded if necessary.

You will also have the option of switching things up so that our designers ensure that we meet your goals with rooms that serve defined functions. Our goal is to make sure that this extended space brings more possibilities to your home.

Generally, a new addition can be built around your existing home and can still be easily lived in during the expansion process and before the opening of interior and exterior walls.

So, whatever function your home lacks right now you can overcome it with a custom room addition in Los Angeles today.

Common Room Additions in Los Angeles

There is a lot to consider when transforming and adding to your existing home. Choosing the kind of function you want to implement in your home addition can be difficult. At Build Method Construction, we can handle the design, architecture, and the complete engineering of your room addition.

Some common room additions include a new living area, family room, playroom, a home office, or bathroom addition. The possibilities are endless, so below are some of the most common in the Los Angeles area.

Bump Outs

A bump out is a minor room addition, usually an increase of just a few feet of extra space in an existing room. This additional space can be used for virtually anything: ranging from extra storage space or adding an eating area to your kitchen.

Sun Room Additions

These rooms are extremely popular in Los Angeles, hence why they have taken on the name “California Room”. Typically sunroom additions are added to the side of the house and can provide an indoor space with an outdoor feel that can be used year-round.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)

ADUs are standalone or attached additions to a single-family home or lot. ADUs typically have the lowest operating and building costs. These can be an effective and affordable way to add living space to your home. One of the main reasons homeowners invest in this type of addition is that it can provide a secondary source of income when rented out as a standalone home.

Second Story Addition

A whole new level to your home. With a second floor addition, homeowners will small lots can take advantage of and maximize their space without making a ground floor addition. Building up is generally the least expensive option for increasing your home’s square footage.

Some of the other types of room additions we’ve done for previous customers also include but are not limited to:

Our Room Addition Projects

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We have built many room additions across Los Angeles. Check out some of our recent room addition projects in our gallery. We are proud of the quality work we produce in home improvements and renovation projects.

Areas Of Service In Los Angeles

Here are the areas we service for Los Angeles room additions:

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Build Method Construction is ready to serve you wherever you are in Los Angeles. Our home additions and renovation projects are state of the art and executed to perfection.

The team at Build Method Construction will also assist you with all necessary permits, state approval, and inspection where necessary. You will have nothing to worry about as we will walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

Our process ensures we spare no effort and leave nothing to chance. The best part is that it’s all affordable and we can also help with financing options.

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