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When it comes to new construction in Los Angeles, Build Method Construction are the home builders you are looking for. Build Method Construction is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured new construction and remodeling company in Los Angeles.

We have all the tools and talent to build you a new home that will satisfy you both aesthetically and functionally.

We specialize in taking your construction project to the next level of perfection. We are committed, inspired, and matchless in making your home top-notch in Los Angeles.

Los Angles New Construction Homes

Finding the ideal contractor or home builder for the construction of your home will narrow your searches to a few. Many are unqualified to handle your project and have little knowledge of the required steps needed in constructing a new home.

What you need to get your home built at the best possible quality and price is to hire a contractor with the required expertise to get it done!

From our first meeting, we will help you structure your idea or contribute to your structured idea. Then, when fully formed, we proceed to the next level. We have a specified team that will digitally represent that idea (3d rendering).

Our design team will show you all the specifications, after which we will require your input for a productive contribution before finalizing the design.

After the simulation and the 3d rendering are properly designed to meet the required specifications, our finest builders will take on the replica shown in the design-led by our general contractor.

First-Class New Home Construction in Los Angeles

During the process, you get to experience our professionalism, great communication, and execution. The planning will be set in motion, and the materials bought will be cost-effective, managed, and catered for.

All building permits are processed, and your new house will come together to become your home. During this process, all skilled teams will be put to work for your new home construction.

We efficiently progress from site planning to the foundation then, simultaneously with the skeleton structure of your home, our electricians and plumbers get working. And, before they are through, the paint job with the interior would be completed.

We also do exteriors; flooring to beautify the outdoor. We would love to get your Los Angeles home done professionally and beautifully. Contact Build Method Construction today.

Recent New Construction Homes Los Angeles


Check out our new construction gallery and some of our recent projects.

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Areas We Service In Los Angeles County

Here are the areas we service for New Construction Homes Los Angeles:

How Much Does It Cost To Build A House In Los Angeles?

A new construction home in Los Angeles can cost anywhere up to $400 per square foot according to home builders digest. Although, residents can expect to pay higher prices as Los Angeles tends to be a more expensive city.

With home prices increasing across the country, many are wondering if it’s more ideal to buy an existing property or to construct the home of their dreams. The cost of a new construction home will depend on a number of factors including location, construction costs, and the team you hire.

Here at Build Method Construction, will provide you with all the details of building your home so that you know exactly what to expect and what you will be paying.

The Best Home Builders in Los Angeles

Among a wide variety of house styles, we build the majority. Your home project will be carried out professionally to suit your taste and lifestyle in lots of ways. We work around your budget and still maintain that quality touch regardless of the style chosen. We also take durability, accuracy, and functionality into account.

Also, your home will be constructed within the speculated time around your budget still maintaining quality always. Our materials and cost are all accounted for and we take transparency to heart, your money will be put to good use!

For the first-timers building your home, we can guarantee that we are the best to handle your project. We would selflessly put you through the process and ensure you see through the project completion. It will be an awesome experience for you as you welcome your new beautiful home.

Build method construction is a leading construction company ready to build you a worthy cost, energy-effective, and highly functional home.

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