A new home in Santa Monica is now within your reach. Build Method Construction has made a professional, high-quality new construction available and affordable to all intending homeowners in Santa Monica. Plus, we offer affordable financing options, a guarantee, and a warranty on all our parts and labor. Which is also in combination with a customer service that is second to none. Your new construction in Santa Monica will be the highlight of your new neighborhood. This is the mark of quality we leave at Build Method. Call any one of our contractors in Santa Monica to get started.

Industry Leading Contractors for Your New Construction in Santa Monica

Once you hire us, you can be sure of outstanding results that are second to none. Throughout, you would work with a team that prioritizes your experience with the most desired results you want in new construction in Santa Monica. Some of the benefits we offer include access to first-class materials, fully licensed and trained engineers, honest and transparent pricing, and a guarantee on all parts and labor. We look forward to working with you and bringing your dream home to life in Santa Monica.


With our defining service, you no longer have to spend time and money looking for your ideal home that fits and caters to all your homely needs. Now you can build your dream home from the ground up. Together with a team that is passionate about creating lovely results. Even though there may not be a shortage of homes in Santa Monica, finding the right one is not always possible. Take a shot at building a new home that will serve you perfectly for decades.

With Build Method Construction, you don’t have to settle for less anymore. The best homes are now available to you through new construction in Santa Monica.

Leading New Home Construction Company in Santa Monica

At Build Method Construction, we provide clients with some of the best home results in LA. We are a family-owned and operated construction company with a unique angle on your home needs. As such, we have not only spent the last 25 years building and improving the homes of customers in California. But have also kept on building on our expertise, creating the marvel you see today. We will be there right from when you hire us to the end of your new construction Santa Monica project. Providing you with ideal recommendations, following your wishes, and translating every detail and design you prefer into its life-like replica.

Our contractors are waiting to hear from you. Call (818) 900-9626 today to get a free quote estimate and to speak with someone who will answer more questions about your new construction in Santa Monica.

For Build Method Construction, no design or custom taste is too lofty or daunting. We handle it all. Be it a modern glasshouse, a contemporary themed one, or a traditional home. Our builders are more than capable. Your home investment is in good hands and well protected. Contact Build Method Construction to learn more about the amazing work we are doing.