Is it time for you to start thinking about a kitchen remodel for your Calabasas home? Perhaps that original kitchen is showing signs of age, maybe your family has grown and changed, or you just have different needs than you once did. If any of the reasons describe your current living situation and you just want to modernize your kitchen space, we’ve got your back.

When it comes to experienced kitchen remodeling Calabasas contractors,  we stand out amongst most companies as this is a place we know well and have a wealth of experience in breathing fresh life into kitchens across the city. Let’s take a look at what you can expect should you decide to hire the best for your kitchen remodel.

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Calabasas Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

A new kitchen isn’t always about ripping every aspect of the old room out to give way to a brand-new kitchen space. Some renovation work may only require replacement flooring and tiles with a new appliance or two.

Alternatively, you may prefer a full kitchen remodel with a construction project that involves moving walls, rearranging plumbing and electrical work, and completely reimagining the kitchen design. The choice of what type of new kitchen remodel you want will come down to your family’s needs, budget, and future plans for the house.

Kitchen Design Calabasas

Let’s look into some of the trending options that Calabasas residents have been choosing for their kitchen remodel. As those who live here know, this affluent suburb is populated by those who have their finger on the pulse in terms of design and style, and that is what we seek to deliver on any kitchen remodeling project.

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Open Concept Layout

Open-concept kitchens that merge the living and dining areas are very popular of late. This design trend offers a sense of spaciousness, brings people to be together, and allows for more natural light, creating a spot in the home where everyone will want to spend their time.

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands have become something of a staple of remodeling projects, and our custom kitchen designers continue to find new and exciting island ways to build them into the layout. These serve as a multifunctional option for meal preparation and casual dining, offering more storage space too. In most cases, owners opt for large, custom-built islands that accommodate seating and provide plenty of countertop space.

High-End Appliance Options

Calabasas is known for its affluent residents, and many prefer to spend their money on high-end kitchen appliances for their remodels. This includes professional-grade and energy-efficient stoves and ovens, built-in refrigerators, wine coolers, and other luxury products to complete their dream kitchen.

Quality Countertops and Backsplashes

When kitchen remodeling in Calabasas, we often see property owners investing in high-grade countertops and backsplashes to elevate the look and feel of their kitchens. Materials like granite, quartz, marble, and porcelain tiles are popular due to their durability, aesthetics, and easy maintenance.

Bespoke Cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets allow homeowners to optimize storage space and really add a personal touch. Calabasas residents have shown a desire for tailor-made, high-quality cabinets with sleek designs, clean lines, and efficient organization systems.

Smart Technology Integration

The incorporation of smart technology has become increasingly popular in many of our kitchen remodeling projects. Residents here opt for smart appliances, touchless faucets, voice-controlled lighting systems, and other advanced features that enhance convenience and efficiency.

Your Kitchen Remodeling Contractors Calabasas

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When looking for kitchen remodeling in Calabasas, you should always do your research to get the most reliable contractors who have experience in home remodels, attention to detail, fair prices, and great customer service.

Given the range of kitchen remodeling ideas that homeowners have, you should also ensure that you choose a flexible contractor who can attend to the small details with as much precision and professionalism as the larger jobs.

The key here will be whittling down the wealth of choices that you have here. We suggest you try and find three contractors you think you could work with before making any phone calls. You could find your kitchen remodeling contractor online, seek out pre-screened contractors via personalized recommendations, and keep your eyes peeled for live projects in your local area.

Why Choose Us

Kitchen remodels are about taking your ideas to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and fully-functional kitchen. That is why it’s worth putting in the research to get the right contractor to deliver your perfect kitchen.

While there are many home and kitchen remodeling companies across Los Angeles, none match the reputation of delivering high-quality results as we do here at Build Method Construction. We are the best choice for your kitchen remodel project, and let us tell you why.

We have spent the last 25 years not just completing construction projects but delivering kitchens and bathrooms for our clients that have perfectly matched the vision they had from the outset. We have consistently delivered projects on time, within budget, and to the specifications of clients’ design needs.

Your kitchen remodel will be in safe hands with us, and you can expect the very best in customer service and transparency during the work. Our reviews and our past completed work speaks for itself.

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