how often should you remodel your bathroom

How Often Should You Remodel Your Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling is an essential aspect of maintaining a functional and aesthetically pleasing home. However, the frequency of bathroom remodels has been a subject of debate. While some experts suggest a remodel every five years, others recommend waiting up to ten years. In reality, the answer lies somewhere in between.

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small home renovation ides

Innovative Small Home Renovation Ideas in LA

Los Angeles: a city where the sun kisses the sky, the ocean winks at the horizon, and homes sometimes feel as snug as a favorite pair of jeans. In this bustling metropolis, living spaces are often as compact as they are chic, challenging residents to find creative ways to maximize

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new build homes

Pros and Cons of New Construction Homes

Deciding between buying or building a home in California, presents a complex choice, influenced by factors like the real estate market, costs, and personal preferences. For those considering the route of new construction, understanding the nuances of this option is essential. This involves weighing the pros and cons of new

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California ADU

California ADU Solar Requirements

ADUs are incredibly popular in California, and as such, the state has always sought to improve laws around the requirements when constructing any type of accessory dwelling unit. One particular aspect of this has been the California ADU solar requirements, in line with the recently updated Title 24. If you

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adu size limit california

How Big Can An ADU Be in California?

The building of ADUs across California has risen sharply in recent years owing to a range of benefits these units can provide, such as increased housing and added valuation to existing properties. Given this surge in ADU construction, lawmakers across the state have continued to lay out the legal specifics

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how often to remodel kitchen

How Often Should You Remodel Your Kitchen?

A partial or complete kitchen remodel will breathe fresh life into your home, increase its value, and guarantee a great-looking, fully functional space for your home and family’s needs. With this said, you shouldn’t feel pressured to invest in a kitchen overhaul simply because trends may have moved on since

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LADBS permits

Can I Apply For a LADBS Express Permit?

Securing the appropriate LA County building permits is a crucial step for residential and commercial projects. The specific permits required depend on the project’s location and scale. Los Angeles County categorizes permits based on project size, with larger projects generally undergoing lengthier approval processes. For more straightforward endeavors, an express

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Basement ADU completion

Building A Basement ADU

Are you eager to transform your basement into a lucrative investment? Converting your basement into a fully functional Basement ADU is a brilliant way to generate additional income, as it offers abundant square footage that, when properly finished, can serve as a self-contained living space. Here at Build Method Construction,

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adding bathroom to garage

Adding A Bathroom To A Garage

Given the lower demand amongst house hunters for a garage on the property and the increased desire of homeowners to have more space, garage conversions have become highly popular in recent years. There is often so much space to play with in the garage unit that the world is your

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how much does an addition raise taxes

What Home Improvements Increase Property Taxes in California?

In California, property taxes come into play during property transactions, and they may see an uptick when engaging in remodeling or home improvement endeavors. If you’re contemplating home upgrades, it’s crucial to understand which projects might lead to higher property tax assessments. While remodeling can enhance your property’s value, it’s

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